Teaching Staff

Meet our teaching staff below.

John Bradbury

Direct Office Line: 01223 33 06 22
Email: jpb44@cam.ac.uk

John Bradbury joined Westminster college as Director of Studies in Systematic Theology and Church History in 2007. In 2014 he became vice-Principal.

Church Background
He is a minister of the United Reformed Church, and previously ministered in Liverpool city centre with an ecumenical team and as minister of a small inner-city congregation in an area of high deprivation.

Training History
John did his undergraduate study at the University of Edinburgh and completed his MPhil and PhD at the University of Cambridge as part of his ordination training at Westminster.

Particular Responsibilities
John teaches across the range of systematic theology and church history, with particular responsibilities for teaching the Reformed Tradition. He also oversees the college support staff, supporting their work and ensuring the college is well managed.

Research/Other Interests
His research interests include ecclesiology, theological anthropology, the Reformed tradition, ecumenism and sexuality and marriage. He serves on a number of ecumenical dialogues and is engaged in work on behalf of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe.

Perpetually Reforming: A Theology of Church Reform and Renewal (Ecclesiological Investigations Series, London, T&T Clark, 2013).

Edited Volumes:
John Bradbury and Susannah Cornwall (eds), Thinking again about Marriage: key theological questions, (London, SCM, 2016).

Articles in International Peer Review Journals:
Covenantal Memory and the Formation of the Church, in: International Congregational Journal, Volume 4.1 (2004) pp. 11-27.

From Orthodox to Evangelical: Ecumenical Theological Education in Cambridge, England. in: The Review of Ecumenical Studies, Volume 5, Issue 2, 2013.

Non-Conformist Conscience? Individual Conscience and the Authority of the Church from John Calvin to the Present, in: Ecclesiology, Volume 10, Issue 1, (2014).

Toward a Theology of the Death of the Church in: Theology, forthcoming, 2014.

Contributions to Edited Volumes:
Using Creeds and Confessions, in: Higton and Fodor (eds.): Companion to the Practice of Christian Theology  (Routledge, London, forthcoming, 2014).

The Ecumenical Perspective of the Younger Generation, in, Prof. Michael Weinrich (ed.): The proceedings of the International Ecumenical Symposium In the context of the 40th anniversary of Leuenberg Agreement : “Is Church Communion a ground-breaking model for future church unity?” Forthcoming, 2014.

Renewing the United Reformed Church, in: Renewing Reformed Theology, (The United Reformed Church, London, 2012).

City Centres and Culture, – co-authored with Revd. Dr. Barbara Glasson in: Paul Ballard (ed.), The Church at the Centre of the City (Peterborough, Epworth, 2008).

Neil Thorogood

Direct Office Line: 01223 33 06 23
Email: nrt26@cam.ac.uk

Neil became Principal of Westminster College in January, 2014, having previously served as Westminster’s Director of Pastoral Studies since 2005.

Church Background
He was ordained as a Minister of Word and Sacraments in the United Reformed Church in 1992, serving pastorates in West Yorkshire and Hertfordshire before coming to Cambridge.

Training History
Neil completed ordination training at Mansfield College, Oxford. He completed his MA in Missiology at Northern College, Manchester.

Particular Responsibilities
Neil’s responsibilities include the good running of the college and the building up of its community and the campus with its partners. With other heads of Cambridge Theological Federation institutions he shares oversight of the Federation’s life and work. He works alongside others across the URC in educational and learning provision. His teaching focuses around pastoral theology, the practice of ministry and theology and the visual arts.

Research/Other Interests
Neil is active as an artist. He writes liturgical material.

Most recently, the URC is publishing a series of charcoal drawings and meditations he has produced based upon the liturgical year.

Sam White

Direct Office Line: 01223 33 06 21

Email: smw80@cam.ac.uk

Samantha (Sam) has been Director of Pastoral and Church Programmes since July 2014.

Church Background
She was ordained as a Minister of Word and Sacraments in the United Reformed Church in 2006 and has experience in pastoral ministry and hospital chaplaincy.

Training History
She was trained in the Cambridge Theological Federation and holds an MA in Pastoral Theology from Anglia Ruskin University.

Particular Responsibilities
She teaches and supervises in the field of Pastoral Theology within Cambridge Theological Federation and also leads Westminster’s context-based Living Ministry Programme. She has a remit to develop Westminster as place of learning for lay and ordained in the United Reformed Church.


Yak-hwee Tan

Direct Office Line: 01223 33 06 27

Email: yht24@cam.ac.uk

Yak-hwee Tan has been our Tutor for New Testament Studies since August 2015.

Church Background
Yak-hwee is an ordained minister from the Presbyterian Church in Singapore and has worked many years in the pastorate in Singapore prior her teaching position.

Training History
Yak-hwee received her Ph.D. in religion with an emphasis in New Testament from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee. She used to work as Programme Secretary for Reflection and Research of Council for World Mission (CWM). Her teaching experience includes Trinity Theological College, Singapore and Taiwan Theological College and Seminary, Taipei, Taiwan.

Research/Other Interests
Her academic interests are in Johannine Literature, Biblical Theology, Asian hermeneutics and postcolonial studies.

She has published several papers on globalization and social location in the light of contemporary issues.

Alison Gray

Direct Office Line: 01223 33 06 25

Email: arh26@cam.ac.uk

Alison Gray joined Westminster in July 2016 as Tutor in Old Testament Language, Literature & Theology.

Church Background
Alison was brought up in the URC and then a joint URC / Methodist Church. For seven years she was involved in parish ministry in Hertfordshire with her husband Brett, an ordained Anglican minister, before moving to Cambridge in 2011. She has been on the staff of the Cambridge Theological Federation since 2014 as Director of Studies and Tutor in Old Testament at Westcott House, and is delighted to be returning to the URC to serve at Westminster.

Training History
Alison studied Theology at Cambridge University, where she completed her BA, before training to be a secondary school teacher in R.E. She later returned to Cambridge to complete her MPhil in Old Testament and PhD (on Hebrew metaphors in the Psalms).

Particular Responsibilities
Alison teaches and supervises in the fields of Old Testament, Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Interpretation in the Cambridge Theological Federation and the University of Cambridge at all levels from beginners through to PhD. She is Director of Studies for Westminster students undertaking Cambridge University awards.

Research/Other Interests
Alison’s research interests include the Theology of the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament, Semantics of Ancient Hebrew, Reception History of the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament, Book of Psalms, and Metaphor in Bible translation and interpretation.

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(Forthcoming) ‘Reflections on the Meaning(s) of ‘yr in the Hebrew Bible’ for H. Marlow and J. Aitken (eds.), The City in the Hebrew Bible (LHBOTS, 2016).