Learning & Sabbaticals1

Around 40 people at any time are studying at Westminster, some residentially. The core are preparing for ordination to the Ministry of Word and Sacraments of the URC. Increasingly you will meet lay people from across the URC and a richly diverse ecumenical and international community with us. Our sabbatical programmes welcome international and UK visitors, usually for an academic term.

A breadth of learning opportunities and styles is our hallmark. Students on formal qualifications come from diverse backgrounds; some have much academic experience, many feel they have little. We delight in working with care and time with everyone. We teach courses through the universities of Cambridge, Durham and Anglia Ruskin and share teaching across the ecumenical Cambridge Theological Federation. This maximises opportunity to fit a course to individual student needs.

Informal learning opportunities abound at Westminster. You can come for an organised event or simply use our community, worship, libraries and hospitality as your Cambridge base. We can also craft programmes just for you. For all these learning opportunities simply get in touch.