The Westminster Students’ ‘Tea Cup’

Looking after the historical side of Westminster includes some strange and wonderful things!

This item was recently returned to the current Student Council by a previous student, and was described as ‘the Student Tea Cup’, which was traditionally awarded annually by the Council themselves to the hardest-working student. This student, it was explained, would need an exceptionally large tea cup – and indeed, it’s the size of mixing bowl, and could comfortably accommodate several pints of tea! – because they would be up all night, working hard and drinking tea.

As with other items of the original College china, the “tea cup” shows the Westminster College oval crest.

Last presented to a student in the mid-1990s, it isn’t known how long the “tea cup” has been awarded for hard work.


It’s actually a chamber pot.

It also bears a maker’s mark on the base for “Dunn, Bennett & Co, Ltd., Royal Victoria Pottery, Burslem, Staffs.” The company became incorporated in 1908, but moved from Royal Victoria works to Dalehall in 1937, so the date of manufacture must be somewhere between those two dates.

Perhaps the tradition has been going on since then!


-Helen Weller- Archivist at Westminster College