Short Stays

Westminster welcomes anyone who is connected with the college, the United Reformed Church and the Cambridge Theological Federation, as well as those who are lay or ordained in other traditions interested in developing their discipleship, exploring Christian education or investigating spirituality.

Short Stays

An important aspect of staying at Westminster is the ability to be part of the permanent community of those who study, teach and work here. Coffee and meal times provide frequent opportunities for informal conversation and for those on retreat, or staying to study, or pursuing an area of interest, individualised conversations with teaching staff or the college chaplain can be arranged.

While attending the college for courses, conferences, events or group meetings it is possible to extend time in Cambridge by staying in college before or after the event. During weekdays in term time, breakfast, lunch and dinner are available in the dining hall (accommodation is bed and breakfast at other times).

Westminster is a place away from home in which to take time to think, read, write and talk.

Westminster as a place away from home in which to take time for you, to think, pray, be creative, walk and rest.

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