Rustic Aesthetic Inspiration for your Wedding

Rustic venues, such as converted barns and historical buildings, are becoming somewhat of a popular choice for many brides these days. The wooden panels and beams are a gorgeous aesthetic for photographs and videography, and often don’t take a lot of décor work for it to still look amazing.

If you’re not into a glitz & glam wedding, and prefer a toned down country affair, check out these rustic wedding ideas below to help you pull together your ideal day!

Couples looking to create their own centrepieces and favours can take inspiration from some of these ideas- or even recreate them!


  1. Floating Candle Lights

Very simple, yet very effective. You can buy single Mason Jars for less than £2 in most shops. If you want to buy in bulk, HobbyCraft sell a pack of 12 jars for £5.00, which you can find here: , to not spend anything, make sure to ask family and friends wash and save their old jars to reuse! If you’re budgeting around florists, these cute and easy jars can be made for such a small expense.

The best part about plain jars is that you can dress them up any way you want. Use chalkboard stickers, fairy lights, ropes or ties, flowers and plants.

Fill the jars with water like the image above, place a tea light candle (removing the casing it comes in) on top of the water and voila! If you’re feeling extra jazzy, pop in some petals that will float with the candle.

As an alternative to water, try sand! You can then add more décor to the inside around the candle without it falling to the bottom. You also won’t need to worry about only using tea lights. Go for votive or pillar candles to stand out.

Place these jars down the aisle, or have them leading to the drinks reception area or notable place.

Be sure to check with your venue that these are safe to leave, or make sure there is always someone on hand to supervise, especially if windy!


2. Drink Arrangement

Although this adds a little more expense on behalf of the bride and groom, these arrangements allow your guests to relax and have fun in your quirky setting. Instead of leaving a tab behind the bar, choose a selection of drinks to have out in fun places. We LOVE this ‘beer barrel’ and ‘Pimp your Prosecco’ station (found on Pinterest). These also provide perfect photo opportunities for guests to view later on (photographers- get your cameras ready).

Of course, you don’t want to leave anyone out, so create alternative stations for non-drinkers and children. This Homemade Lemonade stand oozes cuteness, and makes those not able to have an alcoholic beverage still enjoy the fun and feel special! Hobby Craft sell plain glass bottles for £1.50 each (or £9.00 for a pack of 12), so you can fill them with whatever you desire! Complete with eco-friendly straws to look super cool and save the planet!


3. Framed Guestbook

Guest books can often be neglected in the blur of the wedding night. Have your guests fill in little wooden hearts and drop them in the frame! It takes a lot less time and also looks lovely! It won’t get tucked away in storage like an ordinary book, the frame can be hung up on the wall or placed on a shelf to be looked at for years after.

For couples with a lot of guests, how about this puzzle board? These can be handmade especially for you and family and friends can fill in each puzzle piece to have them connect a whole board together. The meaning behind this is wonderful and brings everyone together.




4. Table Plan

A spin on your table plan. These can be made as small or as big as you need, depending on your guest count. If you are looking to make your wedding as personalised as possible, this is the perfect addition. Put yours and your partners’ crafty skills to the test and make the table layout your own! Items here can be picked up for a small expense in craft shops, or even £1 shops!


Try it and see!




5. Snack vans/street food

Although adding a little more expense, this can really personalise your wedding and fit with the rustic vibe you are aiming for. You’ll find a lot of ideas like this on Pinterest, but we’ve found a couple that we really like. You might be planning that lovely sit down meal followed by speeches, but fast forward to the depths of the night, when a few glasses of wine or some hard-core dancing has your guests pining for snacks!

Like the drinks stations, this gives your guests the opportunity to grab something whilst up and about for photos, dancing or games!

There are traditional vans such as Fish & Chips and Ice Cream, or cultural food such as Taco/Fajitas, Indian street food and Pizza! For snack alternatives, this popcorn cart is also up there with our favourites. Check them out by clicking on the images!

Aside from providing the tasty goods later in the night, these little trucks provide the perfect rustic aesthetic for your day. Please check with your venue before booking!




Check out our Pinterest boards for more wedding day inspiration!

Wedding Photography: The Media Guys

“Joe and Sam are brilliant photographers. They photographed our wedding in Cambridge in September. We are really pleased with the end results and have lots of very happy guests too. They captured the best moments of the day, were unobtrusive, friendly and professional and took lots of great action shots during our ceilidh. We would highly recommend the Media Guys. ”

Happy Wedding Wednesday! 

As this day is FULL of all things wedding, we would like to share with you a company that are breaking into the wedding photography industry by storm. The Media Guys consists of, well, just that. Sam and Joe are two guys who have degrees in Editorial and Advertising Photography, but more importantly the passion to create.

They have been capturing the beautiful weddings of various clients since 2016,  offering intimate photography and videography for the couples’ special day.

In September 2018 The Media Guys spent the day at Westminster photographing the wedding of Rachel and Charlie (who you have probably seen dotted around our website and social media). Rachel, Charlie and The Media Guys have kindly allowed us to use their photos online which we are incredibly grateful for.

Please give them a follow and check out some of their work!

Sam and Joe’s Website , Instagram and Facebook

5 Thoughtful and Personal Proposal Ideas

Welcome to February. The month of love.

It’s that special time of the year when the prosecco is flowing and the chocolates are endless (we hope).  Couples on Valentine’s Day all around the world decide that they want to spend the rest of their lives together, but how do you ask that important question?

This is already a nerve-wracking experience, so don’t worry about creating a big scene in front of groups of people. Read through our 5 thoughtful and personal proposal ideas to spark that creativity for the big question.

1. Made just for you

Flowers, presents and chocolate are always appreciated, but it’s the little things that make us say ‘ahhh’ and really appreciate our partners. The bath that’s already run for you with your favourite bubbles, a home cooked meal after a long day at work, the jokes that are too bad not to laugh at when you’re feeling down.

Propose in a way that will keep your memories alive forever.

This book from can be personalised to each couple. Start it from the day you met, your adventures, your favourite things to do together…then lead it up to the final page asking for their hand in marriage. The best part about the book is that it can just keep on going! Keep this book for your wedding day and leave out for guests to sign. They can look back at your journey as a couple!

For the future…pets? children? Get them all in the book!


2. Straight to the point

Not every couple enjoys a lot of fuss with a crowd of viewers. Some like a low key and intimate setting that is simple and sweet. If you’re not into a song and dance (often quite literally) when coming to pop the question, but want to do a bit more than a standard sit down meal, make it special. Think back to a place you have both been to. This could be a country or city you visited- to the local park (a more cost-effective option-and cute!). If visiting somewhere in a local area- pick a day when you know the sun will be shining and bring a picnic. Take a stroll with your partner and bring up a favourite memory you both share- maybe when you first met, your first holiday, a time when you really felt they were the one. Hide the ring within the food so they pick it out without realising!

This nostalgic atmosphere will really set the scene for the proposal.


3. Get creative!

Like the photo album idea…but created by you!

Dress up your home in a scavenger hunt-esque style. Pin pieces of string around your living room/kitchen/garden, and attach with Polaroid photos of you both across time with wooden pegs/clips. If you want to get really into it, between each photo pin notes with special times you’ve had, funny memories or things you just love about your partner.

Have them go through each photo and note until they reach the end- where you will be waiting with the ring. If you’re feeling more adventurous and don’t mind the public, this could work great outdoors in a woodland setting with fairy lights!


4. If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.”
Oscar Wilde

If you know your partner is an avid reader, why not turn their favourite book a proposal? There might be a beloved chapter title, a line or character description they have always loved. If not, find one you know will mean a lot to them. Purchase a copy of the book and tell them you found an author signed copy online. Cut around the significant writing into a heart shape so it is visible. Leave the ring in the middle and tell them to open it where the ‘author has signed’.  You know the rest!


5. They called it puppy love

Give your fur-babies the most important job in the house.

For those of us that don’t have human children, pets are the next best thing.

You can make this as simple or as extravagant as you want (depending on how willing your pet is to cooperate).

One simple way is to make your partner their favourite homemade meal and have the room decorated as though you are in a nice restaurant. Attach a rose or flower to your pet with a tag attached to it with the words ‘will you marry my mum/dad?’ and have them enter the room at the end of your meal. Present your partner with a ring when they look to you.

Attach the ring to your pet’s collar. Wait until they discover!

Take the dog for a walk and play fetch. Have the ring hidden in the toy with the words ‘will you?’ on the front. When the dog brings the toy back have them drop it for your partner.


All these ideas can be adapted and changed to suit your needs! Whatever way you do it, make sure you put the most effort in as possible!


Happy Valentines Day! <3

Meet Our Wedding Coordinator


Hannah Anderson 

Hannah has been at Westminster for almost five years running the hospitality department. Getting married at the college herself back in  2016, Hannah knows the building inside out so is the perfect person to answer all your queries!

Congratulations on your engagement! We are so pleased that you have shown interest in our venue!

I would love to help build the wedding of your dreams at Westminster College. From our first point of contact until your big day, I will be with you every step to make sure this journey is as stress free and exciting as possible!

A bit about me

I have been working in hospitality for over ten years in various hotel settings. I started at Westminster over four years ago as maternity cover. Fast forward to 2019,  as well as being Hospitality Manager, I am the Wedding Coordinator too! 

I  absolutely love weddings and everything about them! A lot of time is spent planning, prepping and pulling together the big day, but it really is worth it to see the smiles and laughter.

The college is absolutely beautiful, and has this timeless and classical setting that draws you in. I had my own wedding here back in 2016, so I really know all the ins and outs of the building, and can offer recommendations and advice if you need it.

You can find some of our photos in the gallery section- but here’s a little taster!

As your personal wedding coordinator, I can assist you with as much or as little as you need throughout the process. I will be there on the day of your wedding to make sure everything runs perfectly. 

I like to invite all couples for a coffee at the college, so we can have a casual chat about your requirements and to show you around the building. 

If you would like to meet, please feel free to call me on 01223 330636 or email to arrange a date. 

I really look forward to meeting you!



Want to find out a bit more about Weddings at Westminster?

Check out our FAQs page!






Gregg Brown Wedding Photography

Gregg Brown is an Essex based Professional Wedding Photographer with over 10 years experience in his field- and is also one of our recommended suppliers.

You may or may not know that Gregg photographed our Hospitality Manager Hannah’s own wedding two years ago.

“I love being a wedding photographer and it is a privilege to be part of every couple’s special day. I have been photographing weddings for more than 10 years and find my own experience of walking down the aisle helps me understand how important every moment of the day is.”

“Working in a relaxed, considerate and unobtrusive manner, I aim to capture all the special moments without interrupting the celebrations. I take great pride in my photography and am delighted to receive such wonderful testimonials.”

Gregg shoots a range of reportage, contemporary and candid wedding photography, creating perfect images to tell the story of your big day. Gregg is a popular Essex wedding photographer and also covers weddings in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, the East of England and London.

We have an exclusive offer to all Brides and Grooms celebrating their day at Westminster College, with 15% off Gregg’s prices.

For more information and to view Gregg’s beautiful portfolio, and the Bridal magazines he has featured in, visit his website: Gregg Brown Weddings.

Twitter: @GB_Weddings

Facebook: @greggbrownweddings

Instagram: greggbrownphotography


A Gift of a Wedding

Our team is always going the extra mile to help others…

Alison & Andy Wedding, by Lorna Newman Wedding Photography,, Gift of a Wedding

In February, our Domestic Manager and Wedding co-ordinator, Hannah Anderson donated her time as a wedding planner to an amazing charity, Gift of a Wedding, . UK-based, they organise free wedding services for couples with a terminal illness by getting professionals to donate their times, goods or/and services generously. As their wedding planner, Hannah liaised with the other suppliers and the charity in less than a week before the couple’s big day!

The wedding took place on Friday 9th February at the beautiful Woughton House Hotel, situated in Milton Keynes, part of the group Accor, .

Alison and Andy were surrounded by all their close family and friends, and were provided with a beautiful and smoothly run day. On their very special and emotional day, Hannah worked tiresomely the entire day to make sure everyone was where they needed to be, everything was in place and that the loving couple had an amazing day like any brides and grooms she has been dealing with for the past 10 years.

You have made another dream come true for the happy couple.

Thank you Hannah for all your hard work, dedication and passion for our industry – the Hospitality Industry has a big heart with this shining star!


Photo Credits: Lorna Newman Weddings