The triannual Cheshunt Lectures explore the relevance of recent developments in academic theology to congregational ministry.

The lectures are delivered by research specialists representing the various sub-disciplines of theology, broadly construed.

Students, scholars, ministers, and other religious practitioners from the Cambridge Theological Federation, the Faculty of Divinity, and the wider academic and church community are warmly welcome to attend.

The lectures are held once per Cambridge academic term in the Healey Room at Westminster College and are followed by a reception for those who attend in person. They are also live-streamed online.

The following are the confirmed speakers, topics, and dates for 2022-23:

Dr Jessica Coblentz (St Mary’s College, Notre Dame, USA)
‘Dust in the blood’: A theology of life with depression
Thursday, 3rd November 2022, 14.15-15.30 GMT

LENT 2023

Dr Karen O’Donnell (Westcott House, Cambridge)
‘The dark womb’: Re-conceiving theology through reproductive loss
Thursday, 4th May 2023, 14.15-15.30 BST

The Cheshunt Foundation also co-sponsors Westminster’s Reid Lectures, which are delivered by its Reid Fellow.

For more information about the Cheshunt Lectures or the Reid Lectures, please contact the Tutorial Office (or on 01223 33 06 49).