Postgraduate Certificate in Theology, Ministry and Mission

Postgraduate Certificate in Theology, Ministry and Mission

Our Postgraduate Certificate in Theology, Ministry and Mission offers a flexible pathway which enables you to study theology in-depth, and to engage with core topics in ministry should you so wish. The programme requires you to successfully complete 60 credits, which can be completed in a single academic year or part-time over two years.

The 60 credits can be comprised of three modules at Level 7, or one 20-credit module at Level 6 and two 20-credit modules at Level 7. Modules are taught intensively in block weeks (Monday to Wednesday) and in term time over eight weeks, usually once a week or once a fortnight (over two terms). Please see the module list for options.

Suggested Pathways:

Pathway 1:

Level 7: Bible & Christian Faith (20); Intersectional Theologies (20); Relationship and Emotional Management (20)

Pathway 2: 

Level 6: Education for the Learning Church (20)

Level 7: Bible & Christian Faith (20); Intersectional Theologies (20)

Pathway 3:

Level 6: Theology & Trauma (10); Interfaith Dialogue (10)

Level 7: Bible & Christian Faith (20); Relationship and Emotional Management (20)

Module descriptors

Complete descriptions of these modules are available here. All are taught by the teaching staff at Westminster or our colleagues in the wider Cambridge Theological Federation. Often we teach modules together, which creates an exciting ecumenical environment for learning. Class sizes typically vary between 5-25. There is always a wide range of age, backgrounds, and experience in the room, which makes for a very rich learning experience. Face-to-face sessions are a mixture of lecture-style content, seminar-style discussions and small group work. Independent study sessions usually involve watching a video or reading an article and then having the chance to reflect on it.


One of the many strengths of the Common Awards is their modular structure. Once you complete your Postgraduate Certificate you then have the option of applying for admission to the Postgraduate Diploma or MA in Theology, Ministry and Mission, building on the credits you have already achieved.


The cost of the Postgraduate Certificate is £3,000. Bursaries are available.


Information about the Admissions process for our various awards is available here. For more information please contact the Tutorial Office (or on 01223 33 06 49).

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