Enchanted Cinema X Westminster College


Westminster College partners with Enchanted Cinema

Westminster College is hosting an enticing weekend of outdoor cinema, teaming up with Enchanted Cinema to create a captivating experience for film enthusiasts.


On the 11th of August, the college grounds will transform into a romantic haven as they screen the timeless classic, “Romeo and Juliet.” As dusk settles, couples and friends alike will gather under the starlit sky, immersed in the tragic love story of Shakespeare’s iconic play.

The enchantment continues on the 12th of August with a screening of the dazzling and mesmerizing “Moulin Rouge.” As the evening unfolds, the college’s outdoor space will be infused with the vibrant spirit of Parisian nightlife, transporting the audience into a world of love, passion, and captivating music.

Guests will be treated to a unique cinematic experience, complete with cozy seating arrangements, twinkling fairy lights, and plenty of food options. Westminster College’s picturesque backdrop, coupled with the cinematic magic of Enchanted Cinema, promises an unforgettable weekend for all movie aficionados and those seeking an enchanting evening outdoors.

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