Revd Dr Alex Clare-Young
Associate Tutor in Theology

Email: tbc
Phone: +44 (0) 1223 330649



Alex Clare-Young is a pioneer minister in the United Reformed Church, currently working with Downing Place Church in Cambridge City Centre. Alex’s pronouns are they/them, or simply their name. In their role at Downing Place, Alex hopes to meet, and hear the views of, lots of people in Cambridge City Centre, particularly those who are disinterested in, or dislike, church. They bring no agenda but, rather, a genuine desire to hear more voices and to work together for change, where it is needed. Alex hopes to be an ally to those in need of support, and a voice of challenge to church and society.

Alex has extensive experience in the areas of diversity, inclusion, and equity, helping communities and organisations to become places where all can be affirmed and may find space and support to flourish. Alex has also served in chaplaincy and pioneer ministry roles including facilitating student chaplaincy, new ecclesial and new monastic communities, and social-media-based church.

Revd Alex earned a PhD in the Department of Theology and Religion at the University of Birmingham. Their thesis, ‘Trans-formations: A grounded theology, rooted in the identities, experiences and understandings of trans and non-binary Christians,’ filled a key gap in Christian theology by exploring the understandings of humanity and of God held by trans and non-binary Christians. Alex is also the author of Transgender. Christian. Human (2019) and several peer-reviewed articles and book reviews, which can be found here.

Alex was ordained in 2019 after training for ministry at Westminster and earning a B.Th. in Theology for Ministry and an M.Phil. in Christian Theology at the University of Cambridge. Previously, Alex earned a B.Mus. in Music Performance at the Royal Northern College of Music.