Yanjing (Tara) Qu
Associate Tutor in Biblical Studies

Email: tbc
Phone: +44 (0) 1223 330649




Yanjing (Tara) Qu joined Westminster College in 2020 as the Lewis and Gibson Scholar. She is currently completing her PhD in Old Testament at the Faculty of Divinity of the University of Cambridge. Previously, Tara earned an M.Phil in Old Testament at Cambridge, as well as an MA in Christian Studies and an MDiv at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, during which she was an exchange student at Yale Divinity School and an associate student at the University of Aberdeen.

Tara’s research interests are mainly in literary studies of the Old Testament, especially in the artistic features of the texts. She has a special interest in the representation of human lifecycles in the poetic texts of the Wisdom books and the gendered experience of transitioning between different life stages in the Old Testament.

Tara’s recent publications include “The Conflict and Resolution between he and she: Re-reading the Sotah Text (Numbers 5:11– 31)”, Journal of Jewish Studies 16 (2020): 31-45. [in Chinese: “他与她之间的冲突与缓和: 琐他文本 再度(民数记 5:11-31)”,犹太研究 (2020)]; “Holy Immoral Earnings: A Reading of the Harlot Metaphor in Isaiah 23:15–18”, Journal for the Study of Biblical Literature 1 (2020). [in Chinese: “圣洁的不名誉收入: 对《以赛亚书》 23:15-18 中妓女比喻的阅读.” 圣经文学研究 1 (2020)]; and
“Silent Moral Judgment: A Narrative Analysis of Genesis 19:30-38”, Journal for the Study of Biblical Literature 1 (2018). [in Chinese: “无声的道德审判”——对《创世记》19:30-38 的叙 事学分析.” 圣经文学研究 1 (2018)].

Before coming to Cambridge, Tara was Lecturer in Old Testament at Fujian Theological Seminary, Fuzhou, China, where she taught introductory courses in the Old Testament and Wisdom Literature.