Cambridge Theological Federation

Westminster College is a constituent member of the Cambridge Theological Federation. The Federation was founded in 1972 and has expanded significantly over the past half-century. It is now the largest and broadest institution of its kind in all of Europe. Its growing student body of over 300 students come from around the world to study together in taught and research programmes delivered by scholars drawn from across the Federation’s houses, including the lecturers based at Westminster.

The Cambridge Theological Federation is currently comprised of eleven member and associate member houses:

Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide
Eastern Region Ministry Course (Anglican)
Faraday Institute for Science and Religion
Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies (Orthodox)
Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology (Roman Catholic)
Ridley Hall (Anglican)
Wesley House (Methodist)
Westcott House (Anglican)
Westfield House (Lutheran)
Westminster College (Reformed)
Woolf Institute

Together, the Federation’s houses form a robust ecumenical and inter-faith environment that fosters theological education and research.