Westminster College is pleased to announce that we are now offering a Foundation Award in Theology, Ministry and Mission through the Common Awards programme validated by the University of Durham. This award provides an education in theology, ministry and mission in and for a variety of contexts. It is particularly suited to anyone who might be thinking seriously about their faith and would like to explore the theological disciplines, particularly ministry and mission, on a deeper level. Those discerning a call to lay or ordained ministry will find it especially relevant. No prior study of theology is required.

The foundation award can be completed over one or two years part-time, either residentially during university term-times or through the block week programme, which meets five or six times per year. Any of the following modules can be selected, up to the value of 60 credits:

Elements of Ministry and Mission (10)
Creating New Christian Communities (10)
Introduction to the New Testament (20)
Introduction to the Old Testament (20)
Introduction to Christian Doctrine and History (20)
Introduction to Christian Worship (10)
Introduction to Reflective Practice (10)
Introduction to Pastoral Care (10)
Foundations for Theology and Reflective Practice (20)
Basic Playwork Skills in Children’s Work Practice (20)
Basic Youth Work Skills and Practice (20)

Complete descriptions of these and other modules are available here. All are taught by the teaching staff at Westminster or our colleagues in the wider Cambridge Theological Federation. Often we teach modules together, which creates an exciting ecumenical environment for learning. Class sizes typically vary between 5-25. There is always a wide range of age, backgrounds, and experience in the room, which makes for a very rich learning experience. Face-to-face sessions are a mixture of lecture-style content, seminar-style discussions and small group work. Independent study sessions usually involve watching a video or reading an article and then having the chance to reflect on it.

One of the many strengths of the Common Awards is their modular structure. It enables students who feel so led to progress from Foundation award to Certificate to Diploma and even to Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in stages. Because these programmes build upon each other, a student can start with the Foundation award and then decide whether to proceed to the Certificate and so forth.

The cost of the foundation award is £3,000. Bursaries are available.

Information about the Admissions process for our various awards is available here. For more information please contact the Tutorial Office (or on 01223 33 06 49).