What our students say…

❝I really enjoyed studying at Westminster.  I did not know what to expect, especially as I was studying alongside residential students who were preparing for ordained ministry.  From the first time I was made very welcome and included as part of the community, there was no feeling of not being a ‘proper student’.  I really enjoyed being able to study alongside a diverse group of people, from the federation and get to know some of the sabbatical students. I enjoyed the different modules I studied and appreciated the opportunity to do some ‘intensive’ weeks.

I learnt a lot about myself, about how I cope under pressure, about my own ministry and was challenged a couple of times to consider where God is calling me, something I am still exploring. I also realised I enjoy studying!

Now I have finished this period of study I do feel a little bereft and wonder what to do with my time – I have enjoyed the break but also miss that dedicated time to study.

I would really encourage others to study at Westminster if they have the opportunity, I really appreciated being able to study alongside a wide group of people, and as someone who was not preparing for ordained ministry I wondered if I would be welcome and would cope, and I was.  It is a great place to meet people who practice different ministries in the church and the encouragement that I received was excellent.❞

Jane Henderson
Children and Youth Development Officer
East Midlands Synod
United Reformed Church

What our students say…

❝I was a Westminster student training for ministry and researching transgender theologies of personhood. It would be hard to sum up my time at Westminster in a few short sentences, so here are some words! Welcome, hospitality, difference, diversity, traditional, contemporary, practical, academic, open, learning, conversation, food, cake, coffee, pubs, friendship, discipleship, disagreement, support, debate, love, reformed, reforming, future-oriented, optimistic, realistic, genuine, truthful, contextual, centred, interesting, welcome.❞

Revd Alex Clare-Young
Yorkshire Synod
United Reformed Church

What our students say…

❝As an independent student in employment, I very much appreciate the flexibility of this course, as it has made it possible for me study part-time at Westminster College alongside the full-time students and to take each module in a block week. Rather than enrolling at the outset for a complete 3-year degree, the flexibility also extends to being able to finish at Certificate or Diploma level on a part-time basis.

This course offers an ideal opportunity for lay people who would like to expand their skills and knowledge, but who do not wish to follow a path towards ordination.

The balance between Theology, Ministry and Mission on this course has opened up many new areas of interest for me, and as the course has progressed I am beginning to see increasingly how these different aspects feed into each other.

As a block week student, I feel as much a part of the college as those attending full time, as there is a real community spirit here – even in ‘lockdown’ – and the module I have taken since ‘lockdown’, which was delivered online, offered the same level of study material and interaction between tutors and students as I have experienced in the face-to-face modules. The College went out of its way to ensure that this was the case.❞

Jean Summers
Independent student
Member, United Reformed Church

What our students say…

❝I believe Westminster is a place of love, I feel that since 2017 when I first arrived here I have met some amazing people, some of whom I would have never met if it wasn’t for being a resident here. It is special that no matter who you are, here at Westminster you can be happy or sad, energetic or tired but everyone cares for you.

It’s a place that if you say something to upset someone you are forgiven if you need to be left alone you can hide and if you need a hug there will be one waiting. Over the two and a bit years I have been here I have seen many people who have experienced the hurt of a death of a loved one, the disappointment of a grade and the excitement of a birthday or wedding. This is a place of true community.❞

Adam Woodhouse
United Reformed Church