Academic staff

The academic staff of Westminster College, Cambridge, consists of scholars and religious practitioners in theological education together committed to providing integrated, life-long learning for the whole people of God in the United Reformed Church and beyond.

Staff members represent a diversity of backgrounds, identities, and perspectives that enrich the college and the wider ecumenical environment of the Cambridge Theological Federation, which is the largest and broadest centre for theological education in Europe.

The academic staff’s expertise spans the theological disciplines and exhibits strengths in biblical studies, church history, and modern and practical theology. Some staff members are actively engaged in scholarly research and publication, several as affiliated lecturers in the Faculty of Divinity of the University of Cambridge. Others pursue practice-based theological enquiry rooted in congregational ministry, denominational leadership, and social activism. Collectively they deliver a wide variety of lectures, supervisions, workshops, and training events at the college, in the Federation, and, increasingly, online.

For information about any of our academic staff, please contact the Tutorial Office (or on 01223 33 06 49).