Praying through the URC

On Mondays and Wednesdays, we use the URC 2020 yearbook to offer prayers for congregations, ministers, officers and members of the United Reformed Church.

If you have a URC 2020 Yearbook and would like to join us in offering prayers, see the table below to follow us weekly with the relevant pages. We Tweet our prayers out @WestCollCambs- so do give us a follow if you use Twitter!

Praying Through the URC 2020 (PDF)


Walking the Way: Living the life of Jesus today

Walking the Way has released a Covid-19 booklet, ‘Continuing to support each other’, which is now available here.

E-mail or call 020 7520 2718 to share your own stories and experiences during the COVD-19 epidemic. Open to all.

The Lent 2020 WTW materials use the psalms to open up more of the stories which pilgrims on the URC’s educational visit to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories in an accessible and engaging way, giving some worship suggestions for Ash Wednesday, each week of Lent, Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.



Talking Absolute Worship

During lockdown South Western Synod started a project called Talking Absolute Worship.

A panel of preachers discuss the Lectionary texts – how we might preach them and how the rest of worship might be shaped around them (art, music, activities…).  We produce it every week in video form and audio-podcast form and episodes are available in advance for those worship leaders who like to think ahead.

We have a website:

Podcast versions are available from most podcast applications (spotify, itunes, google etc) by searching for “Talking Absolute Worship”

or from our own podcast page:

and we have a facebook page which people can follow to stay in touch with latest releases:

The idea is not that we do all the work for preachers, but that they listen or watch long enough to be inspired with an idea or an “angle” that they can then run with in their preaching and worship leading.  The style is very much that you are eavesdropping on a conversation between friends grappling together with the Lectionary texts.  The first half covers preaching, the second half covers everything else – so, feel free to skip through until you find something useful!

Revd Phil Nevard

July 2021


Living with Dementia: Pastoral and Theological Responses


For an artistic summary of living with dementia by Westminster student Adam Earle, please click here.

Blue Planet, Blue God

Worship Resources

Video Resources


Dr Ayla Lepine and Dr Alison Gray discuss an object of embroidery work, by Catherine Benskin (1754).

Click the link for more resource videos. Seeing Scripture videos are all subtitled in English.




Video Editing and Social Media 

Please find below a link to the training videos related to video editing and social media which are being offered by the Education and Learning/Children’s and Youth Work departments:

These videos have been very well attended by people right across the URC, and we can highly recommend them as an excellent resource!



Inside the Chapel

Neil Thorogood, former Principal, and Alison Gray, Tutor in Old Testament Language, Literature and Theology, take you through the stained glass windows of the Westminster Chapel, designed by Douglas Strachan, and the stories behind them. Click through to find more videos on our YouTube Channel.

Lay Preachers and Worship Leaders Gathering 2021

Resources coming soon.

Lay Preachers & Worship Leaders (Virtual) Gathering 2020

The following are handouts and presentation slides on the prophet Isaiah and the Gospel of Mark, in advance of these texts’ appearance in Lectionary Year B.

Ministers Refresher Week 2019

Below you will find David Cornicks seminar talks and handouts on “Jesus in John’s Gospel” as part of Ministers Refresher Week 2019.