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Do you believe that fostering discipleship is the sacred duty of the local church?

We believe in equipping and supporting you to develop and design discipleship programs for your local church community. That’s why we’ve developed a three-step process that supports and empowers you to create and deliver impactful discipleship training tailored to your unique setting. Drawing on our expertise in designing educational programmes and deep engagement with the bible, we will support you to discern and fulfil God’s call to ‘…go and make disciples of all nations’.

Do you believe that everyone should have access to high quality theological and ministerial study?

We believe in giving you the opportunity to deepen your grasp of the Bible and unearth invaluable insights to empower your church’s ministry, regardless of your enrolment status in our theology, ministry, and mission degree program. Explore the module options below and immerse yourself in transformative teachings that breathe new life into your faith journey and your ministry.

Looking for something else?

Let’s discuss how we can meet your needs. Robin Barden, our Director for Church Resources Development, would love to hear from you. Just email him on: rb499@westminster.cam.ac.uk.

Are you applying as a URC Ministerial Candidate? Read our FAQs here: Training as a Student-FAQs

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