Bachelor of Arts in Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion (BA Tripos, Cambridge University)
Where a student has a strong academic record, and seeks an intensive taught course in the more traditional disciplines of theology, those training for ministry at Westminster can access the BA programme at Cambridge University. This programme is always supplemented by pastoral studies, organised by the college. As with the BTh, there are unseen examinations and requirements around biblical language classes. As an affiliated student with a previous degree, only Parts IIA and IIB of the Tripos are required. Recent Tripos papers offered can be found here.


Bachelor of Theology for Ministry (BTh, Cambridge University)
Independent students who are actively involved in ministry in their local church, or those preparing for ordination in other denominations within the Reformed Tradition are welcome to apply for the BTh, with the written support of their pastor and/or denomination. This is a two-year vocational degree for those preparing for ministry, including both classroom and practical work, leading to a Cambridge University degree through the Faculty of Divinity.  To gain access to this programme, students need to have at least a high 2.1 in their previous degree (in any subject) and need to be accepted for admission by the BTh Management Committee and by one of the Cambridge Colleges. A biblical language is a standard part of the programme and unseen examinations form a large part of the assessment. Recent BTh papers offered can be found here.


Diploma in Theology for Ministry (DTM, Cambridge University)
The Diploma in Theology for Ministry (DTM) is a graduate-entry programme designed primarily for individuals preparing for or already involved in authorized Christian ministry or service. It is a vocational award offered by the University of Cambridge. Drawing on the BTh programme, this award integrates the rigorous academic study of theology with a focus on pastoral ministry. Candidates do not matriculate within the University and the award may be taken over one year full-time or two years part-time. Recent DTM papers offered can be found here.